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The Summer House One Historic Lake House Seven Murder VictimsFour Accused Army Rangers Two Versions Of The TruthOnly One Can SurviveSullivan County, Georgia, Belongs To Sheriff Emma Williams But Not When Army Rangers Posted To The Local Base Are Implicated In A Major Crime To An Elite Team Of Investigators Led By Major Jeremiah Cook, The Physical Evidence Williams Swears By Presents Clues To An Entirely Different Story The Small Town Sheriff Has Never Worked A Multiple Homicide, And Cook Knows It Unless He Can Convince The Locals That The Recent Crimes Are Part Of A Larger Mystery, This Outsider May Never Unlock The Century Of Secrets Hidden Inside The Summer House

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    Renewing their collaborative efforts, James Patterson and Brendan DuBois present readers with an intense and thrilling read in this new standalone novel Working a military investigation angle, the authors dothan pump up the US Military, able to spin a mystery like few others I have read of late In

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    I like reading James Patterson books and I love his idea of trying new ways to get people reading This book was easily digestible even with little military knowledge It has good twists and turns that are always leading to the finale As I approached the last few chapters I could feel the tension increasi

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    Not bad at all A quick, fascinating read that reads like a small town southern mystery I actually enjoyed this onethan I thought I would It had a great pace with some complexity in the plot and characters Recommend thriller fans this book.

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    This is what happens when I decide to read something based off the cover I didn t read the synopsis thought I was getting something completely different I was not expecting a military thriller but that s what I got Nothing wrong with that except I minto psychopaths serial killers This is what happens when I decid

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    Great book A page turned that keeps you guessing up until the end

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    I ve always been a fan of James Patterson and this book is another one of his greats I couldn t put it down

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    Was very disappointed in this one Seven people are executed in a remote house, falling into disrepair All evidence points to a rogue Army special ops team, known as the Ninjas, except that they are too good to have been so easily caught An investigative team is sent from Quantico, and begins to unravel the loose threads, even a

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    One could be forgiven for momentarily thinking that a book titled THE SUMMER HOUSE involves bodies passionately bouncing off of each other over the course of a week or two in June James Patterson and Brendan DuBois novel is anything but that Yes, there are bodies bouncing throughout the book, but not in the carnal sense What we have

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    I had a very hard time getting into this book It was slow going and kind of boring to me It did get interesting the last several chapters.

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    Great story that hooked me from the start I hope this becomes a series Really like the CID characters.

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