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The Accidental Guardian (High Sierra Sweethearts, #1) Trace Riley Has Been Self Appointed Guardian Of The Trail Ever Since His Own Wagon Was Attacked When He Finds The Ruins Of A Wagon Train, He Offers Shelter To Survivor Deborah Harkness And The Children She Saved Trace And Deborah Grow Close Working To Bring Justice To The Trail, But What Will Happen When The Attackers Return To Silence The Only Witness

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    Mary Connealy has become one of my favorite authors I just love the stories and characters I really don t want to give too much away but the level of the unknown when the wagon train is attacked as Deb and Gwen are away from the wagons with the kids I could just put myself there and then when Trace comes along and all that unfolds after th...

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    What do you get when you have two children, two women, and three men The Accidental Guaradian Deborah and her sister join a wagon train headed West, which experiences trouble and only four survive Trace, headed home from a cattle drive on his favorite horse, comes along at the right time to help the two women and two children The closest shelter i

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    I truly admire the steadfast determination and strength of the people who settled the Old West This story highlighted some of the many dangers travelers faced while also showcasing the bravery and courage many displayed This bravery was evident in Trace s commitment to keep the trail and Deb and her family safe However, there were unresolved issues

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    Another great story by Mary Connealy Deborah Harkness is on a wagon train when it is attacked She, her sister, and two little ones are the only survivors But when the attackers realize she can identify them will she ever feel safe again Trace Riley comes across the massacre and takes in Deborah and the other survivors Trace will have to keep Deb saf

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    A copy of this review can be found at Book Ink Reviews Thank you to NetGalley, Bethany House, and Mary Connealy for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.What a perfect, cozy, sweet romance Anyone who has followed these reviews for any amount of time knows I am a sucker for Hallmark Channel style Western Romances I can t help myself They re cle

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    Deb and her sister Gwen are heading to California to start fresh when their wagon train is attacked The sisters, along with two young children, are the only survivors When Trace Riley comes across the scene, he realizes that the attackers, who have now fled, are the same ones who killed his father and the rest of his wagon train years before While he

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    Trace Riley has taken on the responsibility of guarding a wagon train trail He has a personal interest in this job He basically raised himself and learned to live off the land When he comes upon 2 women and children, he doesn t quite know what to do Deborah Harkness and her younger sister along with 2 small children survive a wagon train attack They fi

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