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Stolen Air A New Selection And Translation Of The Work Of Osip Mandelstam, Perhaps The Most Important Russian Poet Of The Twentieth CenturyPolitical Nonconformist Osip Mandelstam S Opposition To Stalin S Totalitarian Government Made Him A Target Of The Communist State The Public Recitation Of His Poem Known In English As The Stalin Epigram Led To His Arrest, Exile, And Eventual Imprisonment In A Siberian Transit Camp, Where He Died, Presumably In Mandelstam S Work, Much Of It Written Under Extreme Duress, Is An Extraordinary Testament To The Enduring Power Of Art In The Face Of Oppression And Terror Stolen Air Spans Mandelstam S Entire Poetic Career, From His Early Highly Formal Poems In Which He Reacted Against Russian Symbolism To The Poems Of Anguish And Defiant Abundance Written In Exile, When Mandelstam Became A Truly Great Poet Aside From The Famous Early Poems, Which Have A Sharp New Vitality In Wiman S Versions, Stolen Air Includes Large Selections From The Moscow Notebooks And The Voronezh NotebooksGoing Beyond Previous Translators Who Did Not Try To Reproduce Mandelstam S Music, Christian Wiman Has Captured In English For The First Time Something Of Mandelstam S Enticing, Turbulent, And Utterly Heartbreaking Sounds

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    This translation sings Some of my favorite excerpts Frogs, all ooze and noise, bellvowelTheir bodies into a single aural oil Faith Better to live alluvial Steppes I might have learned to hearIn any random rotting logA tree release its rings year by slow year Steppes Blossoms rupture an

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    Inspired by Anne Applebaum s iGulag, which includes lines from Mandelstam s work, I bought this on a rainy day at the end of March Spring was supposed to be here but wasn t I read a handful of the first poems in the Barnes and Noble, a fewin a bar as I watched Barcelona win a game And t

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    When Christian Wiman is on, he s on And in this case, he applies his considerable talents as a poet to translating Mandelstam M himself thought translating poetry nearly impossible, and his wife, Nadezhda, speaks to this as well in Hope Against Hope, suggesting that translation is a mere

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    This is my first encounter with Mandelstam and my first encounter with translated poetry of this magnitude collected selected poems of one author in one book Beautiful, humorous and heart wrenching are all words I could use to describe the poems here I remain mystified as to how someone w

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    I may be a poet, but i have difficulty reading poetry The poems here are good, if not earth shatteringly so, the shorter pieces, i believe, being the most effective I am always uneasy about reading poetry in translation, and i feel this translation feels to haveflourish than substance of c

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    I picked this up because I had heard about Osip Mandelstam s life and found his story very intriguing The poetry itself was rather lacking for me though Alot of it went straight over my head Maybe it was the translation I did find that his Voronezh Notebooks, which were at the end of this c

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    I had never read Mandelstam before I feel like most of these poems exist just past the edge of hearing Beautiful, elusive, and worth returning to.

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    Ilya Kaminsky s almost 30 word introduction to this book is itself a valuable document And yes Wiman s translations are outstanding, but it really is all about Osip, and getting another refraction of his writing It s continually astonishing just how unique his voice is In fact, he s one of th

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    Stolen Air by Osip Mandelstam, translated by Christian Wiman is a selection of poems from Mandelstam s entire career translated from his non native Russian into English The introduction is rather long, but with good reason as it strives to capture a poet that was always evolving and striving

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    Stolen Air is a selection of poems by the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam These poems were translated by the American poet Christian Wiman Mandelstam was betrayed after reading a poem to group of friends, A poem that was critical of Stalin One of the hearers reported him to the authorities which l

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