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Juno of Taris What Happens When Life In A Perfect, Protected Bubble Unravels Juno Is About To Find OutYour Ordinary Teen Not Quite Because Juno Lives In The Not Too Distant Future On Taris, A Bubble Covered Island In The Pacific, To Which A Select Few Hundred People Were Evacuated When Earth S Inhabitants Took Everything Just A Bit Too Far And Began To Self Destruct On Taris There Are Many Rules Governing Appearance, Behaviour, Even Procreation But All Are For The Good Of The Community, To Ensure The Survival Of Humankind Or Are They As Taris Protected Environment Begins To Break Down And Juno S Questioning Nature Takes Hold, She Uncovers Some Startling Inconsistencies In Many Of The Factual Histories She Has Grown Up With She Also Begins To Develop Some Quite Startling, Almost Supernatural, Abilities As Juno Faces Increasing Danger, She Finds Allies In The Most Surprising PlacesJuno Of Taris Is The First Novel In An Exciting YA Fantasy Series

About the Author: Fleur Beale

Fleur Beale is the author of many award winning books for children and young adults, best known for her novel I am not Esther which has been published worldwide.Beale was one of six children of a dairy farmer Cedric Corney and of a teacher and author Estelle Corney n e Cook She was born in Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand, on the farm where her father was born Beale grew up in the town before attending Victoria University, Wellington and Christchurch Teachers Training College, where she met her husband Since 1985 she has taught at Melville High School in Hamilton, Waikato and in Wellington Beale s first stories were written for the children s radio programme Grandpa s Place Her first book was a small reader and picture book for young children and she started to write for teenagers in 1993 Her stories often involve troubled adolescents engaged in outdoor activities.Beale was a finalist in the Aim Children s Book Awards junior fiction and her 1998 novel I am not Esther was shortlisted for the senior fiction section of the 1999 New Zealand Post Children s Awards In 1999 she was awarded the Children s Writing Fellowship at Dunedin College of Education and quit teaching to write full time Her 2001 novel Ambushed was a finalist for the Junior Fiction section of the 2002 New Zealand Post Children s Book Awards Her 2004 account of how an indigenous girl discovers how her education can save her tribal lands My Story A New Song in the Land The Writings of Atapo, Pahia, c.1840 received a Notable Book award in 2005 as did Walking Lightly.

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    A few weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I were all having drinks at their house and one of the roommates got a new kitten so she was having a quiet night in I had so much fun there let s be honest here, I always do but me being me, I decided to have a random hour long discussion with said roommate about nerdy things like the pros and cons of different computer ope

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    Control Subjagation Preventing the spread of knowledge Destruction of books Control.A fabulous book about 500 people living in a biosphere, for two hundred years Or is it 200 years So many questions.Eleven year old Juno asks too many questions, which makes her a risk to a society clinging to their carefully manufactured lives.This was my daughter s school book, and I devo

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    Here s an embarrassing confession in a state of haste and a culmination, no doubt, of nearly 2 months of extra stress I gave myself a No.1 haircut instead of the No.3 that I had intended I did this the evening before I picked this book at random off a shelf, so when I read the first line On Taris, we shave our heads I had to laugh Of course, our situations immediately diverged, b

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    Disappointed, thought it was going to be good The way they solve the problem is so unfulfilling and boring It s poorly executed and I wouldn t recommend In this book there was only one part I enjoyed and it wasn t even that great

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    I really enjoyed this book and am excited to read the other 2

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here the end of the book is such a cliffhanger I mean does the ship land or not do the people onboard the ship mean well, or not Answers people, Answers

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    Beales novel has an unsophisticated plot and writing style, undeveloped characters and the themes of identity and belonging are poorly executed The characters were obtuse and were difficult for me to connect with which affected how enjoyable the story Juno of Taris seemed like it would be a novel filled with danger and passion and a good read overall, but it was a substandard book that, personally, did not appe

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    I hate this book I ve had to read it for English and it s just so predictable and boring Everyday that I have had to read it, I have been forcing myself because there is no other way to get through it I just can t deal with it It s boring and average I d rather read another Shakespeare play instead of this because at least Shakespeare is interesting.

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    This is my first YA novel by a New Zealand author and I was thrilled by how good it was The setting is mysterious and unfolds gradually What I loved most was Juno and the messages the author gave us about the importance of being an independent thinker in a world where everyone is telling you that is dangerous Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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    Interesting book but not keen to read the next books in the series

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