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How to Save a Life The Bestselling Authors Of The Good Widow Deliver A Modern, Suspenseful Twist On Groundhog Day That Asks The Question How Far Are You Willing To Go To Save The Life Of Someone You Love Dom Is Having A Very Bad Day One He Literally Can T EscapeWhen Dom Bumps Into Mia, His Ex Fianc E Whom He Hasn T Seen In Almost A Decade, He Believes They Ve Been Given A Second Chance And Asks Her Out When Mia Dies Tragically On Their Date, Dom Makes A Desperate Wish To Be Given The Chance To Save Her Life And When He Wakes The Next Morning To The Shock That She S Alive, He Thinks His Wish May Have Been Granted But Day After Day, No Matter What He Changes About Their Time Together, She Still Meets A Terrible FateDom Frantically Searches For Answers To Save His Beloved Mia And Rekindle Their Former Love But The Further He Digs, The Obsessed He Becomes, Making Him Realize That Slowing Down Time May Be The Only Way To See Things Clearly As He S Forced To Confront The Truth About Himself And Those He S Closest To, Dom Vows That He Ll Watch Mia Die A Thousand Times If It Means He Can Save Her Once

About the Author: Liz Fenton

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke have been best friends for over 30 years and survived high school and college together They ve co authored seven novels, including the forthcoming HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, which publishes on July 14, 2020 In their former lives, Liz worked in the pharmaceutical industry and Lisa was a talk show producer They now both reside with their families and several rescue dogs in San Diego, California Connect with Liz and Lisa on social media www.lizandlisa.com Instagram lisaandliz Twitter lizandlisa FB Liz Fenton Lisa Steinke

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    One of the things I love most about when Lisa and Liz release a new book, is that you never know exactly what to expect They don t fall into the rut of predictability there s always some new take on a genre, a new twist, and a new level of enjoyability This time, the dynamic duo has taken the Groundhog Day plot and thrown in some romantic suspense to create an emotional multiple chance romance for the ages Please, do yourself a favor and go in

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    A brain cell destroying, heartbreaking, tear jerking and emotional version of Groundhog Day Welcome to the never ending nightmare of Dominic He let go his love of his life, Mia, 10 years ago Because he was dump, he was only 24, he was afraid of commitment and he was just a guy who hated to leave his secured cocoon He never liked to take risks But for ten years, he couldn t find anyone to love as much as he loved Mia Now he has a chance to make things

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    Imagine living the same day over and over again Little details change but the outcome remains the same The love of your life dies at the end of it Every night Dom tries to save Mia and every night, he fails no matter what he does Dom of course is devastated and each day he tries again No one in his life comprehends what he is going through because he is the only one going through it How to Save a Life is a novel with a fairly original premise I really wanted

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    Lisa and Liz are back in action everybody Sound the alarm because whenever these two come back in town, nobody knows what to expect Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke are my favorite duo writers and they always know how to entertain us When I finally met them in person last summer during their book tour for their 2019 release The Two Lila Bennetts, they told me that their 2020 release would be vastly different than what I d ever expect from them How to Save a Life is being

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    How To Save a Life, what a wonderfully fun but sad book I love the way that this pair write and bring their characters to life I do, and still do, have How To Save A Life by The Fray constantly stuck in my head when I think about this book It is a story of love and friendship and discovering who you really are.After 10 years Dom runs into his ex fianc Mia in a coffee shop She was the one that got away and he never stopped thinking about her He takes the chance and asks her o

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    This dramatic book is one for anybody that considers themselves a romantic soul It s a very tender contemporary love story with a fantastical twist Main character Dominic has been in love with Mia for what seems like forever She is the one that got away due to his self doubt They were engaged to be married but Dom got nervous More than nervous He knew he loved Mia mind, body and soul but fear gripped him and things ended badly Yet he never stopped loving her She was the one to whom

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    Dear Reader,In November 2018, we were on vacation and tossing around ideas for our Summer 2020 release We d recently finished reading The 7 1 2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, a novel where a man wakes up the same day in someone else s body, and must use the different information he gleans from his time with each body to solve a complex mystery And it got us thinking about other ways we could tell a Groundhog Day like story It s a great book, btw add it to your Goodreads Shelf

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    Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest reviewExpected publication date July 14, 2020 How to Save a Life by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke is the seventh novel by the dynamic author pair, and it is the best of the bunch A powerful and thought provoking Groundhog Day type novel, with hints of The Time Machine , it hits all the right chords Dom s biggest regret is walking away from Mia ten years ago AfterSpecial thanks to

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    You might think you know what s going on in HOW TO SAY A LIFE, the latest fast paced read from Fenton Steinke, but you d be wrong Dom might be living the same day over and over again, trying to save his first love, Mia, but this time loop hasto teach Dom than he knows And in the end, maybe the life that needs saving is his own Highly recommend You might think you know what s going on in HOW TO SAY A LIFE, the latest fast paced read from Fenton Steinke, but you d be wrong Dom might be living the same day ov

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    Flawless and irresistible, profoundly moving and endlessly emotional How To Save A Life is a truly unique and beautiful reimagining of Groundhog Day, asking if life and death are preordained, if our destiny is predetermined, and if some lives are meant to be saved.Dom is paralyzed with regret over breaking up with his girlfriend, Mia, ten years ago When she unexpectedly appears back in his life, only to die that very same night, he becomes caught in a Groundhog Day like time loop in which he t Flawless and irresis

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