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Batman: Year One A New York Times Best Seller A New Trade Paperback Edition Of One Of The Most Important And Critically Acclaimed Batman Adventures Ever, Written ByFrank Miller, Author OfTHE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS In , Frank Miller And David Mazzucchelli Produced This Groundbreaking Reinterpretation Of The Origin Of Batman Who He Is And How He Came To BeWritten Shortly After THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Miller S Dystopian Fable Of Batman S Final Days, Year One Set The Stage For A New Vision Of A Legendary CharacterThis Edition Includes The Complete Graphic Novel, A New Introduction By Writer Frank Miller And A New Illustrated Afterword By Artist David Mazzucchelli Completing This Collection Are Over Pages Of Never Before Seen Developmental Material Such As Character And Layout Sketches, Sample Script Pages, Sketches, Andthat Pro Vide A Glimpse Into The Making Of This Contemporary ClassicThis Volume Collects Batman

About the Author: Frank Miller

Frank Miller is one of the seminal creative talents who sparked the current gigantic sub industry of motion pictures featuring comic book initiated product A sub industry which had become a super industry This most profitable aspect of this millenniums film production, now producing an annual flow of box office profits in the Billions of dollars, was launched when Frank Millers graphic novel re take on the classic comic book hero, Batman, resulted in an entertainment industry wide reconsideration of the genre in the deeper and darker vision Miller brought to it Miller re defined the presentation of comic book characters and heroic fiction with his grand daddy of graphic novels, The Dark Knight This revolutionary worknot only kicked off the series of Batman films based on his redefinition, but a craze for such material that has thrown dozens of such heroes into multiple film franchise heaven Certainly chief among these has been Millers uniquely classical take on superheroic narrative, 300, and his Sin City books, each of which entered motion pictures with historic successes, and each now in Miller s creative phase of achieving its highly anticipated sequel Millers co direction of Sin City has made him one of the hottestdirectors as well as a guiding creative forcefor the new genre Or one might say super genre.Miller s latest graphic novel, Holy Terror, is his first original graphic novel in ten years Join The Fixer, a brand new, hard edged hero as he battles terror in the inaugural release from Legendary Comics.

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