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37 Things I Love Popular Ebook, 37 Things I Love By Kekla Magoon This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book 37 Things I Love , Essay By Kekla Magoon Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Loved how at the ending, the number 37 was tied in, that was cool Otherwise this was an easy read, with 37 short chapters, with not a whole lot of thinking involved except for that twist in chapter 23 hay carumba I also noticed that th 37 Things I Love in no particular order by Kekla Magoon is about a girl named Ellis She is just finishing her sopho year in high school and is ready for summer Her dad has been in a coma due to a construction accident that happened 2 years ago Ellis has been struggling to keep a healthy relationship with her mother due to the fact they are deciding if they still want to keep him on life support I relate to most of the teenage characters in this book based on how they handle different scenarios throughout the book Throughout this book it has kept me on my toes as many of the characters pulled out a twist within the book Many times while I was reading I had laughed and felt sad as a variety of events occured Something I didn t like about this book was the main character mostly focused on the people around her instead of getting help when she needed it most I would highly suggest this book to anyone who is interested in drama This book has its fair share of characters and their problems along the way A book like this can really affect how you see the way you treat people in your life as you compare the people in your life to the characters in the book In the book Ellis states 37 things she loves that are not in any particular order She loves her friends Abby, Cara, and Colin She loves her mom even though they get into many fights She adores her dad as to why she is fighting her mom to keep him on life support in the hospital Ellis has a love for I felt sorry for the protagonist for what happened to her father, who was one of the most important people in her life, but other than that I felt detached from her and I couldn t care less about all the decisions she made in the book which, in addition, I couldn t understand even when I tried to Her friends were insipid characters who didn t undergo any sort of personal growth over the course of the story Other than that brief moment where she mourned for her father, this book failed to get a r This book is a story put together with 37 things the narrator loves, each chapter is a different thing but the story is tied together by each one The story is about the main characters life and how she goes through some major changes Her dad had a terrible accident a few years ago and he never woke up from the coma so her mother decided it was time to let him go But that was only her mothers decision, she didn t to let him go she still had hope he would wake up She had a very strong connection with her father even after the accident She would visit him in the hospital and talk to him as if he s listening On top of that she becomes friends with an old friend again and finds the truth on how their friendship was lost But as this is going on she still finds 37 things she loves in everything around her I ad I found this in the college library and read it I liked the plot about her dad, and the prose, but the actions in the story made me uncomfortable, starting with the party scene and leading up to the point I quit, which was shortly after a hang out session gone wrong I wish I d known it was going to get sexual That s my least favorite thing to read It s generally why I put down books I m not putting this on the DNF because I did read it mostly It s a chick on chick romance without much foreshadowing of it being so And can we talk about how Cara takes advantage of Ellis emotional turmoil Then she acts like being put out of the friendship is somehow equal to having a dad in a coma about to die And we re supposed to like her I mean seriously, Ellis goes over at a time of emotional hardship and Cara starts putting moves on her, without even knowing if she s gay It was disturbing, I didn t like Cara, and I put the book down If we gender flip it, Cara Carl, people wouldn t like it so much Ellis and Carl were friends as kids, for some reason Ellis and Carl stopped hanging out About midway through the book, they ve just started talking again Ellis dad is in a coma, about to die, Ellis asks to come over They go swimming, and talk about a few things.Then they watch a movie together, and he starts fondling her quite intimately without any previous indication that she liked him When she s like Back off, I came over here for emotional support because my dad s in a coma a In the book 37 Things I love In no Particular Order Ellis, the main character, has had a rough two years Her father was in a construction accident and has been in a coma for two years now Her relationship with her mother and her best friend are not exactly in the best shape Ellis and her mom rarely ever see each other because her mom works nights at the radio station and Ellis is at school during the day, and when they are finally together they do not know what to say to each other and have little to no communication Her best friend , Abby, cares about herself and who is going to ask her out this week than how Ellis is doing The only thing Ellis actually enjoys doing is visiting and talking with her father She feels he is the only one who could truly understand and be there for her although he is not fully there She spends a lot of the book attempting to r 4 5 StarsEllis father has been in a coma for years now after a construction accident in hopes that he still might wake up one day There are only 4 days left of her sopho year before summer vacation starts and Ellis is ready for it Our main character goes to visit her father frequently after school, which adds strain to her already troubled relationship with her mother Ellis is also fighting with her best friend, or at least on her end she is Often passive aggressive, Ellis has a hard time dealing with all the stresses in her life On top of everything, she recently started talking to a friend she hasn t spoken to since middle school Follow her journey as she comes of age and comes to terms with love, loss, and relationships.Okay, confession time I picked up this book for no other reason than hot dayum look at that cover I was browsing the young adult section of the Library and couldn t pass this one by.I m so glad that I picked it up, because I ended up loving this book way than I thought I would based on the description I don t even know where to start, since there s so much I want to say.I guess I ll start with the plot story atmosphere This felt very The Perks of Bei I imagine it could ve been a good book, but I was deceived by the cover The one I had, had a cool pic of her on the swings at night, and I thought hey this looks cool , I never really believed in the saying you can t judge a book by its cover literal , now I know to do some research before I grab a random book If I d seen the other cover I may not have been as interested just because of the type of books i like to read But i m a young rather innocent minded teen and I was not expecting or mentally prepared for something this explicit I had to put it down after reading about the party they snuck out for because I didn t like reading about people relatively my age doing things I would never think about doing , but decided to give the book another chance Bad idea The last straw was when her new old friend started d I thought it was a beautiful book Each chapter we get something that Ellis loves or things she might love Sometimes those things changed Sometimes I didn t know why she loved certain things or people until we saw of her life It was really special I loved that format This book has a romance element It has some comedy It s really a story about a girl growing up A girl coming to terms with the fact that her mother wants to pull the plug on her father A girl realizing that she s been holding onto a hope so tightly that she hasn t been enjoying life like her father would want for her.Ellis goes along with things For example, everything Abby puts her through Abby might be one of the worse friends I ve ever seen in a book but Collin and Ellis let her be Just when I thought I couldn t dislike Abby it happens but still no real immediate consequences for her actions in the book At the end, I feel like there will be a change but I don t know how much things will change.Ellis also goes along with what Evan wants in this book a little I feel like that part didn t surprise me because I don t think Ellis had much agency in other parts of the book unless it had to do with her dad She made a dumb decision because she always did what was expected of her when it

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